About us

Welcome to our organization. We are proud of the results we have achieved in the past years for our clients.


HRconsultancy4U operating from Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia is a sub statutory of the AO Holding BV group based in the Netherlands. Our extended HR experience in over 96 countries in the world makes us a unique and solid business partner. Our divers team with different experts in the Human Resources field makes it possible to serve a wide range of organizations. Next to our clients in the Corporate world we have built up expertise in the Governmental sector. Our services cover the organization design and the full employee life circle. This concept makes our organization unique. We are here to serve you from start till finish and everything in between! 






Our vision

The Capital of your organization are the passionate employees who work hard every day to meet the goals.

Make sure you take care of them!






The Woman behind HRc4U

Sabine van de Loo - Director of HRconsultancy4U and owner of the AO Holding group started to work in the Human Resources field back in 1994. Over the years she has worked in many different HR roles, on various levels and in different branches. In 2005 she started a HR consultancy business in Europe. The business has growth to a stable and reliable partner for many national and international organizations. To accomplish the best results on her projects she often worked and lived for her clients abroad. This has given her the opportunity to work with many different cultures in a various number of circumstances. Her message to organizations;
Please be open for changes and new ways of working, this will bring the best to the employees and the organization!