About us

HRconsultancy4U is an international organization who supports companies in cases related to Human Resources. This can be an individual case with an employee but can also be a complex organization structure change. In 2016 we have opened an office/subsidiary in Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia.

We work close together with our Dutch organization "Arbeid en Organisatie", which gives us the opportunity to support companies worldwide in different time zones. HRconsultancy4U is a sub statutory of the AO Holding B.V. group based in the Netherlands.







Our vision

No business, without good staff members!

This statement supports our vision: 

You can do your business, we look after your staff and take CARE of them.







Working together

Our devise is: better results will be achieved when working together. The benefit of sharing complex cases has given us so many different thoughts of looking at a situation. HRconsultancy4U is working with a group of professionals, all with their own specialism.


Together we are strong!

Who are we

Sabine van de Loo - Director of HRconsultancy4U and owner of the AO Holding group. 

I started to work in the Human Resources field in 1994. Over the years I have performed in many different HR roles in all kind of different branches. I build up my expertise with studying and just hard working. I'm proud we have opened a branch in Kuala Lumpur so we can share our knowledge and experience with many new clients.

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