Request for free quotations


HRconsultancy4U enables you to request free indicative quotations for the services we can offer you. We will reply your enquiry within 3 working days. You can request for a free quotation (indication of the costs) for the following subjects:


Project management

Are you looking for a Program or Project manager to implement a new HR project? Please feel free to request a cost quotation,

click here.



Payroll support

Would you like us to assess your payroll process? Please request for a “payroll quick scan”. Do you consider outsourcing of your payroll process? We can provide you an indication of the costs of the project and related operational savings.  We are happy visit you to discuss the details of your project. Based on your needs, we can provide you a free quotation, click here.



Learning and development

Are you or your staff interested to join an Intervision group or would you like your employees to join a training on the job workshop, please let us know, click here.



Personality & Ability assessments

Starting or improving your recruitment process and you would like to integrate a personality or ability assessment? We can share with you the details of the assessment process and give you an indication of the costs. Assessment tools can also be part of your performance / development programs, request for information online possible, click here.