Especially for customers who don't have an HR department or have limited HR resources, we have

specifically developed the HRc4U service packages.


How does it work?



HRc4U has agreed together with you on a 'PLUS' service package for your organization. The Plus package entitles you to 16 hours of HR support per month. We will support you via email and/or telephone, but can also be on site when needed. At the end of each quarter you will receive the remaining balance (hours) via email. You can use the hours in the following months but will expire after 6 months.  When you exceed the hours for the current month, you can request additional hours. You will pay a reduced hourly rate depending on your subscription. The standard contract time for the packages is 1 year, with an option to be extended (shorter contract times can be discussed).



HR service package
Which questions are frequently asked? 

You can consult us with queries related to the employee life circle covering topics like:

  • Recruitment

  • Selection

  • On boarding

  • Employee data

  • Working conditions

  • Performance

  • Leave and sickness

  • Learning & development

  • End of employment

Benefits of the service packages:


  • Adjust the package to your need

  • Simplifying HR costs and cost transparency

  • Professional support during office hours (helpdesk)

  • Option to top up the monthly hours at reduced rate

  • Pay less per hour when the support needs increases

  • Transparency on outstanding balance and usage

  • Support from HR professionals in most HR disciplines

Costs service package 2016

Service package            Hours per month               Costs per month (excl. GST)               Top-up discount rate (excl. GST) 


BASIC                                       8                                        RM 1520                                Discount of 2%, hourly rate RM 186


PLUS                                       16                                        RM 2880                                Discount of 4%, hourly rate RM 173


PRO                                         24                                        RM 4080                                Discount of 7%, hourly rate RM 158