Organization development

Is your organization ready for the future?

We all woke up in a different world when Covid-19 became part of our private and business life. Many CEO's and Leadership teams were breaking their heads what to do with the organization strategy in this new situation. Everybody organization is forced to make changes. Business travel is out of the question now and working from home became common practice.

Despite the situation, there are also many organizations that take this opportunity to make that desired change. Offices are empty and this gives the opportunity to maintain the building and make it Covid-19 proof for employees return to work. Discussions about more frequently working from home have started and due to cost reductions organizations have to be more efficient and flexible. 










How can we help you?

You will find our expertise in the areas:

  • Organization design

  • Change management

  • Agile work environment

  • Structured business processes

Our expertise

For a global organization with offices in 140 countries we have designed a "Shared service" model. The Shared service model integrated the departments Human Resources, Finance and Consular Administration. The 8 Shared service offices working with aligned global processes and reporting lines to the HQ. Introducing this model the organization achieved a reduction of 1,8 fte per office and an overall cost reduction of 20%.  


For a global leader in his branch with 30 offices, we have introduced an global HCM system. The alignment of the business processes combined with a new reporting structure has achieved that the leadership team has a more accurate overview of the business and can better anticipate on upcoming changes.