The payroll process is one of the most important and sensitive processes within the Finance / HR department. Issues during this process can be destructive for the salary payments. Nobody wants to face any problems during this monthly process. But due to all the aspects of this process such as tax filling, pension transfer, social security payments a mistake can be easily made.

In control with your payroll?


Is your payroll report aligned with your head count report? How much impact does, for example, health insurance declarations and travel expenses have on your payroll process? Contact us so we can help you to find the answers to those questions. 

Benefits of oursourcing your payroll


Have you ever investigated the benefit of outsourcing your payroll? Looking at the risks you face when your staff member responsible for the payroll is going to resign, do you  have an employee who can take over?

​Our experience


For the Minstery of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of the Netherlands we recently were responsible for the outsourcing of the entire payroll process of 26 Embassies in the Asian – Pacific region.


For the International Baccalaureate we moved the payroll from the local offices to one global payroll provider.


We took over the entire payroll process for some middle sized Dutch companies, not only the process of the monthly changes but also the payroll reports and the distribution of the payslips.



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